“All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was.”

“El agua tiene memoria perfecta y siempre vuelve a su cause”
--Toni Morrison

in collaboration:

Carolyn Beck
Bassoon & Contrabassoon
Hazel Mandujano
Book Series

Willie Agee Playhouse Edward Vincent Jr. Park 714 Warren Lane Inglewood, CA 90302

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Una instalación/performance la cual traza sus propias horas canónicas, cada día por una hora y
quince minutos, para reflexionar en un periodo de tiempo enfocado en la ciclo de vida del Edward
Vincent Jr. Park en Inglewoody la ciudad en general.

Las horas y fechas son:

A performance installation that traces its own canonical hours, each day for one hour and 15
minutes, to reflect on a focused period of time in the life cycle of Inglewood’s Edward Vincent Jr.
Park and the city at large.

The hours and corresponding days are:

Saturday, August 26
Sábado 26 de agosto

8:30-9:45 am


Book: The Playhouse
Audio: The Buzz

Sunday, August 27
Domingo 27 de agosto



Book: Sundries
Audio: The Park

Monday, August 28
Lunes 28 de agosto



Book: Fiesta
Audio: Dog Days

Tueday, August 29
Martes 29 agosto



Live performance with video Projection: Tree Elegy

Wednesday, August 30
Miércoles 30 de agosto



Book: Water Diary
Audio: A Case Study- Naiads

Thursday, August 31
Jueves 31 de agosto



Audio: AAA

Friday, September 1
Viernes 1 de septiembre



Audio: The Pool

Saturday, September 2
Sábado2 de septiembre



Audio: Effervescence

Sunday, September 3
Domingo 3 de septiembre


Live performance with audio installation:
Ingle Wood